The face-off between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Toronto Blue Jays is scheduled to take place on June 1, 2024, at Rogers Centre, at 3:07 PM under scattered clouds. The pitching matchup features Mitch Keller for the Pirates, registering an ERA of 3.591, against Yusei Kikuchi for the Blue Jays who clocks in with an ERA of 3.246.

In the National League Central Division standings for 2024, the Pittsburgh Pirates are currently 10th with a record of 26-31, a divisional tally of 7-7 and in 4th place within their division. The Pirates have won 5 of their last 10 games but recently faced a loss, reflecting a streak of L1. Their home and away records are 12-15 and 14-16, respectively, with a day game record of 15 wins. The team has scored 227 runs and allowed 258.

Correspondingly, in the AL East, the Toronto Blue Jays are positioned 9th, turning in a 27-29 record and also 4th in their division with a 7-8 division record. Coming off a winning streak of four games, they’ve won 6 of their last 10 matchups. Their home performances tally to 13-12 and 14-17 on the road, with day and night game wins evenly distributed between 13 and 14 games. The Blue Jays have scored 225 runs and conceded 250.

From a betting perspective, the Blue Jays are favorites with a -1.5 point spread and a money line of -159, implying stronger confidence in their victory. The Pirates, on the other hand, are underdogs with a money line set at +135. With a challenging 8.0 over/under, the betting trend suggests a moderately scoring game, making every pitch and bat crucial for both teams.